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Blogging because I've deleted Facebook and Instagram

Well, I've deleted Facebook and Instagram. So this will be my musical journal for the time being.

I'm currently teaching a lot of private composition lessons and strengthening my teaching tools to help me teach it better, more thoroughly, while being as engaging as I can be.

The first thing I'm doing to help me is writing a harmony textbook. I'm writing one with step-by-step guidance and exercises to help the student master the concepts. I use Dorico ( to notate my music and to create this harmony text.

The second thing I've discovered is called . This is a really fun way to interactively quiz and reinforce knowledge. It's a great thing for group learning. Students beg to use this tool!

Lastly, I'm reading (buying) a lot of books recently. Today Amazon delivered "The Complete Arranger" by Sammy Nestico, and "Creative Orchestration" by George Frederick McKay. I don't have tons of time between teaching and more teaching to read new books, but I'll make time for these.


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