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Quick-Ship Gifts for Musicians

Need a last-minute gift for a musician friend?

Or maybe you want to treat yourself to a little something.

We've got you covered!

1. Manhasset Music Stand: Manhasset is the standard in music stands and makes a great gift for beginning music student and professional alike!

2. Music Book Clip and Page Holder: There's nothing worse than your music flying everywhere in a performance. Spare yourself and get one of these!


3. Fender Clip-on Tuner: With nearly 10,000 5-star ratings you can't go wrong with this versatile tuner.

4. ProTec Double Baton Case: Shane uses this case to carry his batons to and from rehearsals and performances. It's well-made and holds up great!

5. Blue Yeti USB Mic: The perfect gift for an aspiring singer-songwriter or podcaster with 28,000 5-star reviews to boot!

6. Songwriting Journal with Staff Paper: With lined paper on the left side and staff paper on the right, this beautiful faux-leather notebook is such a thoughtful gift for a songwriting friend.

7. "Bach Bach" Mug and "This is A Sharp, Not A Hashtag" Mug: Don't forget your music nerd friends! These mugs also make a great white elephant gift.


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