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The Call
A Sacred Oratorio for Orchestra, Choir, and Soloists

"The Call" is a sacred oratorio concept that features vignettes of the Savior's life and ministry portrayed in highly personal ways by orchestra, choir, and soloists. We need to raise $130,000 in order to commission, produce an audio recording, and produce a staged production of this work. Investors will be entitled to a percentage of CD sales. We must sell approximately 6,500 CDs (at $20 each) to fully repay investors, and then investors will continue to make sales profits thereafter. Cost break-down: $60,000 commission fee, $40,000 in recording costs, $30,000 to for a live premier production. We are teamed with a reputable performing organization that performs for 6,000 audience members from Salt Lake to Utah County each March. The continued performance of this work will ensure that the proper number of sales is reached, and with continuing/expanding performances, that number is expected to increase.

Listen to a Demo

Below is a demo recording made by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in Hungary of the title movement, "The Call."This is representative of the kind of music and recordings that will be produced.

For Non-investment donations

Donations received here will directly support the composer's living and ability to write music.

Donations made below are not made in exchange for goods, materials, or profits.

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Sheet Music

While the entire oratorio is not yet complete, the score and parts for one movement, "The Call" (after which the rest of the oratorio is named) are available for purchase.

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