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Shane Mickelsen is such a creative genius for songwriting/arranging! We love working with him! ​ - 92 Keys

When you're making great music surround yourself with people much more talented than yourself... Shane Mickelsen [has] helped take my vision for A NEW CREATION above and beyond any album I've ever created with a deeply rooted spiritual purpose. Shane Mickelsen is brilliant! ​ - Paul Cardall, #1 Billboard Pianist

Shane Mickelsen is a genius! His beyond beautiful string/vocals arrangements give such a depth and richness to my acoustic guitar album, "Lead Me Home." - Camille Nelson

Shane Mickelsen is a true professional. The quality of his work is outstanding. He has a great mastery of music theory and counterpoint but also works with his heart and it shows! Shane cares about his work but he also cares about people and that combination makes him so valuable in the music community. We have only seen the "tip of the iceberg" when it comes to the contribution that Shane has made on the world with his music! ​ - Marshall McDonald, Composer/Pianist

Shane is incredible to work with! He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. It's been a pleasure to work with him on transcriptions, co-arrangements, and other projects! ​ - Jon Schmidt, The Piano Guys

We’ve hired many people to put our songs to sheet music and have never been satisfied. Shane, however, is quick to respond and quick to deliver! Working with him has always been a positive experience. - Al van der Beek, Music Producer/Songwriter for The Piano Guys

Shane completed his undergraduate study at age 19. While still a student, he wrote and directed a fully orchestrated opera. He showed outstanding talent as a composer, conductor, pianist - accompanying the opera by heart at rehearsals - and leadership by coaching the singers and orchestra players, who thoroughly admired and respected him. It's a remarkable opera, very cleverly crafted. It is highly amusing while keeping a solid artistic integrity. - Sergio Bernal, PhD, Director of Orchestras USU

Shane's "Classical Hymns" almost begs to be listened to while looking at some beautiful setting in nature. Imagine the hymns being sent to the big screen and that's what you have with "Classical Hymns". Words that come to mind to describe Shane's style and orchestration are "majestic", "grand", and "magnificent." Fully orchestrated arrangements, beautiful and tender piano solos...Shane's original number, Requiems I, II, and III and "Annie Jane" are particularly impressive. -Garth Smith

[Shane's opera,] The Wolf and the Seven Kids is remarkable for its tunefulness. It is replete with catchy melodies that stick with you long after the performance is over. - Cindy Dewey, DMA, Music Dept. Head at Utah State University

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