High School Drop-Out Earns Master’s Degree, Releases No.3 Billboard Album, Serves World-Class Clients

May 2, 2017


Shane Mickelsen was 15 years old when his mother (a teacher at his high school) approached him with a very odd question: “have you ever considered dropping out of high school?”


It was an odd question, indeed. Mickelsen had previously been home-schooled and had skipped 8th grade. He had above-average grades, great friends, and participated in extra-curricular activities such as the Madrigal Choir and the Marching Band (where he served as drum major.)



He was therefore perplexed when his mother suggested that he consider dropping out of high school.


His mother clarified her proposition; she explained that Utah State University in Logan, Utah had an early-enrollment program which allowed high school students to enroll as freshmen to the university, provided that they complete