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Oh Come All Ye Faithful for solo piano and full orchestra.

Score and Parts.

Written for album: Lavender Pianist Christmas feat. Amy B. Hansen

Arranged by Shane Mickelsen

Level: Advanced


Note: Clarinet Parts orginally in A. Alternate Bb parts included for emergencies. ;)

Oh Come All Ye Faithful | Solo Piano + Full Orchestra | Score and Parts | PDF

  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful was commissioned for "Lavender Pianist Christmas" a piano/orchestral Christmas album featuring pianist Amy B. Hansen - more info at This arrangement is owned and published by Mickelsen Music Services, LLC, in Riverton Utah, USA. Purchasing organizations are granted perpetual license to print as many parts as is necessary for a successful performance of the piece. Purchasing Organizations are not licensed to lend this music to other organizations, or to print additional music for use outside said organization. Scores and parts may be purchased at

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