MASTER OF THE OCEAN - Vocal Duet - Bundle

Music by Angie Killian and Shane Mickelsen

Lyrics by Angie Killian

As performed by Lyza Bull and Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal)


Piano Minus Track (original key of Bb) 

Piano Minus Track (key of C)

Full Song in MP3 Format (original key of Bb)

Piano/Cello/Vocal Scores in the original key of Bb (4 copies authorized)

Piano/Cello/Vocal Scores in the key of C for younger voices (4 copies authorized).

Piano/Cello/Vocal Scores - Abridged version in the Key of C. (4 copies authorized.)

Master Of The Ocean - Bundle - Piano Minus Tracks, Song MP3, Piano/Cello/Vocal S