Shane Mickelsen



Submit your original string quartet score by September 30, 2022.

1st prize wins an opportunity to record your submission by a professional string quartet!

All entries will receive recorded video feedback to help you improve your writing.


  1. Submit score (PDF and mp3) and parts (PDF) of an original string quartet.

  2. Instrumentation: 2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello

  3. Submissions must be anonymous. No names may appear in file names or in the score. Name may appear only in the google form submission.

  4. Your submission must have a title, which must be identical in the file names, and in the score.

  5. Your submission must not exceed 6 minutes in length.

  6. Your score must be clean, well-edited, formatted, and look professional.

  7. Compose in the style of your choice.

  8. Playability level: Intermediate-advanced; virtuosic works that would require an unreasonable amount of preparation, or unreasonable level of difficulty may be disqualified. The level should be such that 4 professional strings players could put together a decently recordable performance after 50 minutes of rehearsal.

  9. You may submit multiple entries by filling out this form multiple times and paying multiple entrance fees.

  10. For multi-movement works, please only submit one movement.

  11. Submissions will be judged on the following: originality, technical/compositional skill, idiomatic string writing, clarity of score/parts.

  12. Submission fee of $49 required per submission.

  13. .mp3 file may be generated from the notation software, note performer, sequenced in a DAW, or an actual live recording.

  14. All composers eligible for participation except those with advanced degrees in music composition. 

Submission deadline: September 30, 2022.

Winners announced in December of 2022.




Student: Ages 8-18

Adult: Ages 18-Up




1st Prize - Studio recording of your submitted work with professional string quartet, free private lesson

2nd Prize - Free private composition lesson


All participants will receive recorded video feedback on their submissions.