Shane is a great teacher. He prepared me for the AP Music Theory test and I got a five. From aural skills to figured bass he showed patience and a passion for teaching. I am truly grateful for Shane's contributions to my education.

- Daniel Shaw, Music Ed Major, Music Theory Student

Music Theory

Here you can learn anything and everything you wanted to know about music theory or composing music!

Students who have studied music theory with Shane have passed the AP Music Theory Exam with a perfect score without ever having taken the class in school.

Music Technology

Modern musicians/composers have a variety of tools at their disposition, and their success will be due largely by how well they can use these tools to their advantage. Technology should be embraced, not feared. This blog post goes into detail explaining the use of music technology and which softwares to use for your various circumstances.

I recommend the following softwares for composers:

One of the following Notation Softwares:




One of the following Digital Audio Workstations:

Logic Pro - preferred by composers

Pro Tools - preferred by mixers, audio engineers


Presonus Studio One

A good set of software instruments - I personally use the Composer's Cloud subscription from Eastwest.

Logic Pro comes with many good software instruments, but the sounds are better in Eastwest.

Don't buy any new software without doing plenty of research, or consulting someone you trust. Don't get something you won't use or don't need.


At Mickelsen Music Services we specialize in various composition styles, though we encourage each composer to find his/her own voice.

We encourage learning to write in classical and 20th century styles and everything between.

Other students may choose to focus on popular, electronic, or commercial music. The good news is we spend a lot of time in that realm as well!

Tell us what you're interested in, and we'll advise you so that you can find the tools helpful in meeting your needs!

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